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The Miami Knight & Day Foundation is a tax exempt non-profit organization that provides opportunities for individuals willing to learn basketball.

Dedicated to youth development, it is our mission to offer our community the opportunity to learn fundamental skills of basketball while instilling life-lessons & morals such as character, discipline, & respect.
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More Than Just Basketball

We train more than just basketball. We train you to have a winning mindset even in the face of defeat. The character you will develop will carry out with you for the rest of your life.

You're not just going to learn to win in basketball, but how to win at life, too.

Focus On Foundation

We will focus on the foundation that every great basketball player understands.

  • Basic Core Training & Movements
  • Drills & Mechanics Development
  • Exercise & Stamina Practice

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We focus on what every great basketball player understands.

Pricing & Training

All Ages

We train from 3rd grade to collegiate level. We train all youth and young adults.

Individual or Group

We have training sessions for individuals or as a group. Your choice.


Pricing varies on training session(s).

Group Training

  • Single Group Session

1 on 1 Training

  • Single 1 on 1 Session
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12013 SW 114th PL, Miami, FL, 33176

Training At 1 Location

We train at the M.K.D Academy located in Miami, FL

Here we train weekly and host various local basketball games and events for the trainees to compete and test their skills and abilities.

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